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Summer Time Safety Tips

Happy Summer everyone!

While we are all looking forward to being outside after the long cold winter, there are insects that require attention.  Protect yourself and family from insects by using a repellent, many of which contain DEET.  For those with more sensitive skin, look into something that is more all natural, like oils. Many repellent sprays are EPA-registered and approved for safe use, even for younger children, pregnant or nursing.     

Research shows ticks and mosquitos can spread viruses. When outside in tall grass or wooded areas, tuck your pants into your shoes. Long-sleeved shirts can also help cut back on mosquito bites. Always check for ticks after being outside, especially on small children.

When traveling this summer, research where you are going and what types of insects live there.  Make a health kit with insect repellent and other medical supplies for the trip. Also, check on the side effects for common viruses that are known to be spread by insects. 

We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer!


Check out more helpful tips on the CDC website.