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The BASIC Knife

Put the Handy® Utility Ring Knife to work with your crew.

  • Vinyl Wrap
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Our Patented Vinyl Wrap Ring Knives are offered in The Original, Razors Edge™, and Ball Point Safety® knife styles, standard ring sizes 8 to 16.

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Adding our patented, durable, vinyl wrap coating to the safety ring knife of your choice provides additional comfort and helps reduce slippage, which is especially important for the worker who uses the knife all day. A vinyl wrap coating also gives you the opportunity to custom imprint ring knives with your company name, logo, phone number, web address or any message. Consider assigning a specific color to a specific ring size, making it easier for employees to identify their preferred size, keep track of their ring knife, and simplify the reordering process.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your vinyl wrap Handy Safety Knife. Choose yellow, red, blue, black, evergreen, hunter green, orange, white or gray. Ranging in size from 8 – 16, vinyl wrap coated ring knives can be purchased in all blade styles: Original, Ball Point Safety®, Ultra Gold® and Razors Edge™. Learn more about customizing your order on the order page or give us a call with any questions or special requests.

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This titanium nitride (TiN) blade coating extends blade life up to 3X. Won’t chip, peel or flake. Impact resistant, wear resistant, chemical and corrosion resistant. TiN has an excellent combination of performance properties and safety. Meets FDA requirements or surgical tools and implants, and is USDA approved for food contact. Specify the Ultra Gold blade finish option on your today.

Bowl of Vinyl Knives


Our new Handy Bowl display and dispenser makes it easy for your crew or customers to get the knives they need. The convenient way to order larger quantities of the Handy Safety Knife. Contains 180 pieces.

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Add a logo and/or lettering to put your own branding or message on any model of vinyl or plastic safety ring knives.

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Shipping, Packaging

If your job involves working with boxes, pallets, stretch wrap and packaging materials, our Handy Safety Knife is the cutting tool to have. It can be worn on your finger—safely and comfortably—all day long and is ready to go to work when you need it.

Textiles & Spinning

Whether you are working in a busy textile mill or a small family-owned fabric business, our line of safety ring knives offers the perfect tool for cutting various textile products. The Handy Safety Knife is a safe, smart alternative to standard cutting tools.

Food Processing

Our Handy Safety Knife is approved by the USDA for contact with food products. Customers in the food processing, restaurant and hospitality management industries use our product for meat packing and other food packing-related cutting purposes.

Industrial Supply & Manufacturing

Manufacturers across the country rely on cutting tools daily in their operations. When safety is a top priority, industrial suppliers are recommending the professional grade quality and hands-free convenience of the Handy Safety Knife for a wide range of applications.

Nursery & Agriculture

Harvesting fruits and vegetables can be easily done with the Handy Safety Knife. A Handy® ring knife is also perfect in such agricultural applications as pruning, trimming, cutting twine or easily removing the netting on newly-purchased shrubs and trees.

Other Industries

Safety leaders in a wide range of industries rely on the Handy Safety Knife for their employees. You’ll find our American-made safety ring knives at work in areas such as newspaper and magazine delivery, carpet manufacturing and installation, laundry and linen services, and many more.


Disposable, and Priced That Way

Every Handy Safety Knife® delivers durable, made-in-USA quality … that won’t break your budget. But once your Handy Safety Knife® has been put to work thoroughly and the blade

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Ring Knife Sizing for Fit, Comfort and Efficiency

Our metal-band Handy Safety Ring Knives come in standard ring sizes 6 to 18; and our vinyl wrapped bands are available in standard ring sizes 8 to 16. The

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Upgrade to the Comfort of Vinyl Wrap

Now’s the time to take your Handy Safety Knife® to the next level of comfort with a vinyl wrap upgrade. Our patented, durable, vinyl coating makes the Handy Safety

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Safety Is In Your Hands

For employers and safety directors striving to reduce hazards in the work place, The Handy Safety Knife™ offers a simple and efficient solution for work environments where employees need to quickly and carefully cut items in a manufacturing setting. Why leave your team vulnerable to the potential hazards or injuries that can result from typical straight blade cutting tools? For those seeking an alternative to conventional utility knives and box cutters, the handy solution is unique ring knife known as the Handy Safety Knife from the HTK Company.

Safety Resource Center

Safety in the workplace is the top concern for manufacturers, distributors, safety managers and workers alike. Employees that use a utility knife or other cutting tool in the workplace are finding a safe alternative with the Handy Safety Knife™.

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Made in USA: Quality. Pride. Innovation

Every Handy Safety Knife delivers made-in-USA quality. We are proud to make every one of our safety ring knives in America, just as we have since 1897. Today we provide our full line of unique knives to customers around the world.

"Wear it like a ring, it's always Handy™".

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About Us

The HTK Company produces a full line of safety ring knives in a range of ring and blade styles to fit the needs of the user or application. Having provided an American-made cutting solution for 115 years, today you'll find the Handy® Safety Knife at work in a wide range of businesses and industries across the country and around the world.

At HTK Company, we believe good customer service is the lifeblood of any business and we strive on a daily basis to make your interaction with us, and our product, a positive one. We are a family-owned manufacturing business in operation for more than four generations. We work hard to form good relationships with our customers, some of whom we have been dealing with for decades. We are proud to have continually produced our line of Handy Safety Knives in the USA.

Safety in the workplace is a top concern for manufacturers, distributors, safety directors and workers alike. Employees that use a utility knife or other cutting tool in the workplace have found a safe alternative with the Handy Safety Knife™.

Safety is Everyone's Job. Please remember, when it comes to cutting tools and safety knives, common sense and caution are factors that cannot be built into any product--these must be upheld by the user of the safety knife.


Looking for a way to make his job as a railway postal clerk more efficient, entrepreneurial James R. Caldwell invented the Twine Knife in the late 1800’s. This was the humble beginning of HTK Company. Today, we continue to produce and update our line of American-made Handy Safety Knives™ to provide the best customer experience possible.

inventorBack in James Caldwell’s day, mail was moved by trains and postal clerks were responsible for collecting and sorting the mail for delivery. While in transit, the clerks would use twine to bundle the mail for the next stop and use pocket knives to cut the twine.

Caldwell’s daily route was from Chicago to Pittsburgh and back again. Often, there was not much time between stops, so the pace was fast. That quick pace, coupled with the constant movement of the rail car, made it impossible for him to keep track of his pocketknife. One day after work, Mr. Caldwell went home and came up with a “better mousetrap.” He took a piece of copper, bent it around his finger, and attached the blade from his pocketknife to the copper band with a small screw and nut. That original knife is on rotating display at Smithsonian Postal Museum in Washington D.C.original

Not surprisingly, Caldwell soon began getting requests from his co-workers for their own “handy knife” and the company had its beginning. After some design changes and a few years of making twine knives in the evenings after Caldwell’s regular job, the Handy Twine Knife Company was formed.

The first recorded sale of a knife was in 1904. The drawings and application for a patent were filed in October of 1910 and approved in 1912. Since then, the name “Handy” and the distinctive design of the utility knife have been protected by U.S. Patent and Trademark Laws.

To view a video showing the ring knife in use in the early postal days, visit our YouTube page. (Link to video: The ring knife is referenced at approximately the 20-minute mark and shown cutting twine that is used to bundle letters.