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Safety in the New Year

Starting the new year off right is very important when it comes to safety in the workplace.  Many companies are coming back from their yearly shutdowns and employees have been out of the building for a week or more. Upon their return, have a start-up meeting reminding them about the importance of safety.  Consider planning a company-wide meeting to see if there are any issues that need addressed.

Another recommendation is to set up safety themes each month, so all departments have the same topic at start-up meetings.   A few topics to consider are fall protection, slips, trips and falls, PPE, and hostile work environments.  By providing a general refresh of information and/or changes to policy and procedures, a safety meeting will bring employees up-to-date.   Also, remember to check fire sprinkler systems and have periodic fire and tornado drills.  By keeping safety talks at the forefront, employees will be more aware and likely bring any potential safety issues to a supervisor’s attention.

Lastly, make the meetings conversational.  Offer a way for employees to be heard and able to share with other workers information to prevent accidents. Show respect to your employees and they will show it back.

Safety first!  Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2019 a safe year for everyone.