Product Information and Sample Request

Instructions for Use

 Our Ring Knives are meant to be worn on your finger, just like a ring.  Any finger will work; we suggest that you wear it where it is most comfortable.    Generally speaking, the ring is worn with the blade on top of the hand, all the way back against your knuckle and facing the tip of your fingers.

There isn’t really a wrong way to use your ring knife, and after some trial time you may find that it works best on a different finger, or even your other hand.

Sample Request

To request a sample, click here and fill out a brief online form.

Sizing Information

We understand that you don’t want to order the wrong size; if you know your ring size and where you expect to wear the Ring Knife, then you are all set.  If not, here is some information to consider that may help.

Our metal band Ring Knives come in standard ring sizes 6 through 18, and our vinyl wrapped bands are available in standard ring sizes 8 through 16.  These sizes are what you would find in a jewelry store. Our most popular sizes for ladies are 7 through 9 and for men, 12 through 16.

If you still aren’t quite sure, we suggest that order your knives a little larger than you think you might need.  If you order Ring Knives that are too small, there isn’t much you can do to make them larger.  If they are too loose however, the knife can be made to fit better by wearing it over a glove, or by wrapping string or tape around the band to create a custom fit.  Keep in mind too, that a person’s hand may naturally swell a bit as the workday progresses.

If you have ordered previously and created an account, your previous orders will be there for review.

Technical Information

Aluminum Bands –  Alcoa 3003 grade, #14 hardness

Plastic Bands – Idemitsu IV-2200R Polycarbonate

Original® & Ball Point Safety® Knife Blades – 1095 Carbon Steel, heat treated

Razor’s Edge™ Knife Blades – Stainless Steel – steel with Chromium added to make it resistance to rust

Field Blades – 1095 Carbon Steel, heat treated, TiN Coated and Blued

Rivets – Nickel plated Brass

Vinyl Coatings and Safety Caps – Plastisol, FDA/USDA/Medical & toy grade, no restrictions

Camo Coating –  Water Transfer Printing process, Safe when dry, no restrictions when dry

Printing Ink – 18-1026 Solvent containing pigment, Safe when dry, no restrictions when dry

Ultra-Gold® Blade Coating, Titanium Nitride (TiN) – ceramic coating applied (as an option) to our cutting blades that extends the life of the blade by a factor of three. FDA and USDA approved

Grease and lubricants used throughout the plant are food grade and or mineral based

HANDY® Ring Knives are approved by the EU – regulation No. 1935/2004 for materials intended for direct contact with food, and by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants.  HANDY® Ring Knives are used daily in many such operations with no adverse conditions or safety hazards reported.

Please note that all products supplied by HTK present no health hazards in their natural state during use, transportation or storage.  Burning, welding, grinding (sharpening) may generate fumes or concentrations of dust particles that may present hazards.

MSDS available upon request