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A Message from HTK’s President

From time to time, I am asked for my thoughts on things business related. Inevitably, as the owner of a small manufacturing company, these thoughts revolve around jobs, wages, tariffs and trade deficits, in short The National Economy and our American way of life. There is no way I can be right about everything I say, these are simply my thoughts and observations collected over the past 25 years…please read on.

Made in USA = Good Jobs

A successful national economy must create jobs for its people.  However, it goes much deeper than just the number of jobs.  That nation must create jobs that are real and pay well. When I say real, I mean jobs that would exist without constant government support and where the individual holding the job does something that adds value for our society in a meaningful way.   Work has meaning for an individual beyond the paycheck as it is an important source of pride and well-being.  I worry future generations of Americans will lose the ability to appreciate the joy of meaningful work. 

From an earnings perspective, the outsourcing of factories is directly undermining our wage levels and our middle class.  The so called recovery in our economy continues to trade hundreds of thousands of full time jobs for a slightly higher number of part time jobs.  Fast food and retail jobs simply can’t match the value of manufacturing jobs. With each “Made in the USA” purchase we make, we fight these negative trends.  We support jobs where men and women create value.  Opportunities increase, not just where the item was assembled, but at the manufacturers’ dozens of suppliers, and the supplier’s suppliers too!

There is an old saying about the wisdom of teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish.  The adage is a good one, but it assumes that there are fish.  What if there aren’t any fish to be had?  Similarly, our citizens cannot succeed unless there are real jobs available. Perhaps we can help to create more meaningful jobs if we insist on better quality, Made in USA products?  Increasing demand for these items over the chintzy foreign imports creates that type of job!  That, in turn, gets our people off welfare and working; it raises tax revenue without raising taxes; it is better for worker and product safety and offers many other benefits.    

Please join me in making an effort to watch for and purchase products that are made in America, it really does matter.  Each of us in a small way can help create good jobs and renew our economy and our American way of life!

By Brian Caldwell, President/Owner

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