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James R Caldwell: Handy Twine Knife Inventor

US-Post-OfficeOur company’s legacy begins with James Caldwell.  He was a US railway postal clerk with an innovative idea for cutting twine. Working on the mail car his route was from Chicago to Pittsburgh and back.  The quick pace of the job and constant movement of the train inspired Caldwell to seek an alternative tool.  The pocketknives they were using always got misplaced or lost. 

He went home one night and bent a piece of metal around his finger.  Then he riveted a blade to the metal, so he would wear it on his hand.  The first ring knife patent was approved in 1912.  The Handy Twine Knife Co. was formally formed shortly after.

Today, the HTK Company is led by inventor James’ great grandson Brian Caldwell, President. We are a proud American made small business. We hope to be around for a 120 more years.