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Hunting Safety

Hunting season underway in many areas of the country.  The sport of hunting is growing and the National Rifle Association reported more than 13.7 million hunters in 2011.  At HTK, we want our customers to be well educated and safe when hunting this season.  Make sure to dress for the weather and always tell a relative or friend where you are going before you go out.  There are many helpful courses and online resources to keep hunters and non-hunters safe.  Safety is of utmost importance at HTK. State Farm’s website has numerous safety practices for hunters including:

1.             Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

2.             Only point at what you plan to shoot.

3.             Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

4.             Before shooting, clearly identify your target and what is beyond.

Our customers have shared their experiences of using our ring knife for hunting applications. Try the Handy® Safety Knife to dress a deer this year, or skin a raccoon.  Our knives are easy to take with you in your pocket and priced to be disposable.  We have a sportsmen three pack that is great for any outdoorsmen. The three-pack offers three different sizes and styles to find what works best. Three-packs are only $15 and that includes shipping.  Put one in your cart today for yourself or for a friend that is a sportsman.


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