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Fire Safety

Fire safety is very important for a safe work environment.  Fire drills are essential so all employees know where they are to go and meet in a fire emergency situation.  This practice also encourages employees to make fire escape plans with their families.  Being prepared at home and work keeps safety on our minds.

There are organizations available to help companies with fire emergency plans, as well as train employees. If employees are going to be assigned to operate fire extinguishers, make sure they are prepared and well trained. The BWC has some great resources to help train and educate employees about fire safety.  Make sure to conduct yearly fire drills (at minimum) and other refreshers if there have been updates to the facility and exit strategies.

Thank you to all the firefighters who go to schools and help educate children about fire safety.  These educational events show children what firefighters look like in their protective gear, alleviating fears if they were to see them.  Also, these programs encourage children to go home and talk to their parents about a fire plan.