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Fall Protection Training

Falls are the second leading cause of deaths worldwide.  OSHA has some great programs to help train employees. They show the correct way to wear a harness while operating equipment or working at a raised elevation. 

Employees need to know the correct way to inspect and wear equipment to keep themselves and others safe.  During startup or monthly safety meetings, add reminders about fall protection safety.

The link below suggests “Toolbox Talks” to generate topics for safety meetings.  

Always show employees safety comes first in the workplace.  Keeping open communication allows the company to stay ahead of safety issues.  Below are some strategies to review when creating a fall protection training program.  Make sure there are constant evaluations of the facility and equipment as processes change. 

Fall prevention strategies should be:

  • Comprehensive and multifaceted
  • Research and public health initiatives to further define the burden
  • Explore variable risk factors
  • Utilize effective prevention strategies
  • Support policies that create safer environments
  • Reduce risk factors
  • Promote engineering to remove the potential for falls
  • Training of healthcare providers on evidence-based prevention strategies
  • Education communities to build risk awareness

Fall Prevention Training Guide