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Employee Safety Tips: Proper Procedures and Tools

Keeping employees and others safe from injury on the job is a top priority when using cutting tools in the workplace to open boxes, twine, tape and wrap. Be sure your work crew members know the safety precautions to take! Here are a few important tips and reminders:

• Check the area around you to be sure it is clear of other people or objects.
• Always cut away from your body.
• Work carefully with a smooth consistent motion even pressure.
• Stay alert and remain focused on your cutting, avoid distractions.
• Work with only sharp blades that cut cleanly and effortlessly – replace your blade or cutting device regularly, before it becomes dull. The Handy Safety Ring Knife is disposable, therefore there is no chance of a cut injury while changing blades.
• Always use a proper cutting tool, such as a Handy Safety Ring Knife – don’t improvise with other items.
• Use the right tool for the job, such as the Razors Edge™ or other style of Handy Safety Knife.
• Wear protective gear such as safety glasses and work gloves.
• Store cutting tools away safely when not in use.