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Employee Safety: Avoiding Common Workplace Injuries

For employers and safety directors striving to reduce hazards in the work place, The Handy Safety Knife® offers a simple and efficient solution when employees need to quickly and carefully cut open boxes, bags, twine and strapping throughout their day. In the workplace, some of the most common sources of cuts and lacerations are knives, box cutters and other hand tools with blades. But proper training and having the right tool for the job can help make a difference. The Handy Safety Knife® is a safer cutting tool thanks to its curved blade design, which makes it nearly impossible for the user to cut himself or herself – or anyone else. Additionally, because the knife is conveniently and comfortably worn on the finger, it helps decrease the chance of developing repetitive motion or gripping injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, common with the overuse of traditional knives and hand-held cutting tools.