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Camo Safety Ring Knife Is Back for Hunting Season

Hunting season is finally here again, and the Handy Ring Knife™ available in a camouflage coating. There is an Orange, Green and Pink Camo coating option in select sizes.
Whether you’re hunting turkey, deer or duck and other waterfowl, we recommend the Original style. This blade has a curved tip to prevent cutting the organs when skinning the animal. Our knives are priced to be disposable, but can be used numerous times.

In addition to Camo, our ring knives are available in a range of colors when you add a vinyl wrap. The vinyl wrap provides additional comfort and helps reduce slippage. Every Handy Ring Knife™ is made in USA of professional-grade material, making it a great addition to your hunting gear and supplies for field dressing.

Good luck this hunting season and be safe. 

Our knives are approved by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants!