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The Best Utility Knife for Safety and Convenience

When you are a safety director your job is to help keep employees safe. But also working efficiently.  We have the tool to help. The Handy® Safety Knife offers a simple and effective solution when employees need to cut boxes, bags, twine and strapping.  Our knife’s curved blade design makes it nearly impossible for the user to cut himself – or anyone else. The knife is conveniently and comfortably worn on the finger, helping decrease losing or misplacing it. 

Ergonomic studies are done by companies yearly to make sure they are preventing injury. Our knives are part of your had making it more comfortable when using it repetitively all day. This can help lower injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. One of the most common with the overuse of traditional knives and hand-held cutting tools. If you’re looking for an alternative to typical box cutters and utility knives, the Handy® Safety Knife is the best place to start. Contact us for a sample.