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Being Safe in the Heat

Heat exhaustion and dehydration can be very dangerous for employees that work outside.  Construction workers, road crews and landscapers, to name a few, are affected every day by the weather. Employers need to be aware of weather conditions  to make sure workers are safe.  Supervisors should communicate at the start-up meeting the day’s weather and remind employees to stay cool and hydrated. 

Offering sunscreen, hats or a shaded place to rest are a few ways to help employees stay cool.  Be sure to schedule breaks for cooling off and hydration and make sure all employees take the necessary breaks. Proper hydration and rest will make a safer environment and better decision-making.

Dehydration can happen in factories and warehouse settings too. Even though the work is inside, the building can still become very hot due to weather conditions. It is important to make sure there is good air circulation and water stations for employees. 

Preventative actions help keep everyone safe.