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New! Ring Knife Sample Pack for Industry

Makers of the Handy® Safety Knife have introduced a series of sample packs, each featuring three styles of the company’s patented safety ring knife. Company safety managers will want to check out the Industrial Sample Pack. The rugged, professional-grade steel blade hardened by heat treating make the Handy® Safety Knife the ultimate utility knife for on the job. And the patented, curved blade design makes it nearly impossible for the user to cut themself, or anyone else – making The Handy® Safety Knife for industry an excellent alternative to typical box cutters and utility knives in the workplace tool box. Today, you’ll find the Handy® Safety Knife at work in a wide range of businesses and industries, such as warehousing, packaging, textiles, shipping and receiving, food service, hospitality management, horticulture, and agriculture to name a few.

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