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Great Gardening Tools

Spring has sprung and we have the garden tool for you! The Handy Safety Knife® is an alternative to typical cutting blades used in fields, greenhouses and nurseries across the country. With several styles to choose from, the Handy Safety Knife® is a convenient and effective cutting tool that’s ideal for everyone from agricultural and nursery professionals to landscapers and home gardeners.

With our Gardeners 3-pack, sample three different styles and sizes to determine what works best for your cutting needs. The Handy Safety Knife®  is great for pruning, opening dirt or mulch bags, and cutting flowers for your kitchen.  Purchase the 3-pack for $15 with free shipping. Go to our website and add it to your cart.   

We are a proud sponsor of The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener.  Check out their website and podcasts for great advice to help you start off the growing season right.

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