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Multipurpose Tool

Every tool has a unique purpose.  The Handy® Safety Knife is an exception to the rule!  Throughout the years we have completed market research to continually keep our product safe and efficient. Through our research, we learned there are more uses for the Handy® Safety Knife than we could have ever imagined.  Our customers are very creative people!

We focus on safety in the workplace and at home.  Customers have told us our knife helps them do a job faster, safer, and systematically. Try out our Handy®  Safety Knife and see what innovative ways you can find to use it.

Some customer examples include:

  • Gardening — harvesting fruit and vegetables, opening mulch bags, trimming bushes, pruning flowers
  • Cutting zip ties on children’s toys
  • Opening batteries 
  • Taking the lid off paint cans
  • Opening paintball bags 

If you have a unique way to use the Handy® Safety Knife, email us a photo or video to be entered in a drawing to receive a free dozen ring knives.

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